Who Am I?

This is a very important question you must ask yourself.

This is because most of us have decided to accept what someone or people say we are and that has made us live our lives anyhow.
Some have decided to pattern their lives after others and have neglected the need for self-discovery. The truth is that the understanding of who you are brings about liberation, self confidence, boldness, authority etc

One bitter truth you must know is that the devil will keep messing with your life untill you discover who you are. He will fight so hard to keep you in ignorance and make you his slave forever.
Also you may never know the authority, the gifts and potentials you carry untill you discover who you are.

Alot of us are still allowing SIN to rule over our lives because we have not discovered who we are.

So in other to discover who you are, you must take some important steps;
The first step is to give your life to Christ and surrender your ALL to him, this is not negotiable.

Second step is that you have to make out time in your busy schedule to fellowship with God personally and study his word (the bible). You may ask “why should I give my life to Christ first and why should I study his word?

The answer is that God is your creator, only the creator can tell his creation who he is. So to discover who you are, you must first accept and surrender to your creator and you must fellowship with him(spend time with him) and study his word(the bible). ______________________________________________
Here are some passages that says who we are

In Psalm 82 vs 6, John 10 vs 34-35 it is stated that you are a “god”. In Romans 8 vs 17, it is stated that you are a “joint heir with Christ”. In John 1 vs 12 & 1st John 3 vs 1, it is stated that you are a “son”(your gender does not matter). In Matthew 5 vs 13 & 14, it is stated that you are the “Salt of the earth” & you are the “light of the world.

You need to study to understand/discover for yourself WHO YOU ARE.

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