What Is My Purpose On Earth

Few days ago we talked about discovering Who you are, which is the first thing to do before you embark on discovering your purpose.
It is painful to see that alot of us are wasting TIME doing what God has not created us to do. Some are imitating others and they forget that every one of us have a specific and special purpose to fulfill. We get carried away by worldly pleasure, forgetting that we are just here for a purpose.
The worst is that some of us are flowing with the trend,we jump from one career/business/profession to another just for fame and money and if we don’t succeed, we get frustrated­čśâ(funny).Stop struggling to be famous and rich, all these will come when you have identified your purpose and you are fulfilling it.
Note: It is when you are in purpose that your announcement, blessings and fulfillment comes.

One thing you must know is that the devil will always try to deceive you and make you venture into what God has not created you for and he will give you FAKE fame, riches etc, it is all a mirage, it destroys and leaves you empty. The truth still remains that nothing good comes from the devil,he is after destroying you,John 10vs10.
Note: “When you yield to God, there is no destruction or sorrow, Proverb 10 vs 22”. He guides you to your purpose.

Another thing you must know is that God has given special gifts to every one of us, those gifts are tools to fulfill our purpose. But the devil will always try to contaminate those pure gifts and he will make you use them for wrong things. He will fight to stop you from discovering your purpose.

So you may ask “What is my PURPOSE on earth? To discover, here are some steps:

1st step is to surrender totally to Christ and let him rule.

2nd step is to study God’s word daily and let the holyspirit reveal to you.

3rd step is practical, try to find out your gifts, they can be a pointer to your purpose. Example: This platform exist because someone has the gifts/passion for teaching, counselling, helping others etc, so through the help of the holyspirit and by studying Gods word, purpose is fulfilled via this platform.

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