Fulfillingmycall is created to help people especially the youths and teenagers to discover who they are, their purpose on earth and to FULFILL it. We understand that people are just living their lives anyhow, the devil has kept them in ignorance and he is gradually destroying them.

Some are struggling with addictions (drugs, masturbation, prostitution, alcohol), depression, low self-esteem etc. These are some of the tools the devil is using to destroy people in this end time.

Some are using their gifts and talents to worship the devil and to do ungodly things. All these are because they don”t know who they are and their purpose here on earth.

Fulfillingmycall has being empowered with the mandate from God to deliver people (especially youths and teenagers) from bondage, ignorance and lies of the devil and to help them discover the TRUTH in God’s word.

Our target is to reach the unsaved all over the world, to help those struggling with addictions to be free and to open the eyes of the people to the truth in God’s word. To teach people how to build an intimate relationship with God, to discover who they are, their purpose on earth and how to fulfill it.